The total area of the region is 21.43 thousand square kilometers, whichis 24.7% of the total territory of the country.Most of the region is made up of plains below sea level. Theclimatehereismostlysubtropical.

From the point of view of tourism, Mingachevir is the most attractive city of thisregion. Mingachevir’s modern architecture is of great interest. Kura, the largest river of Azerbaijan, flows here.



Mingachevir located on the banks of Kura river and founded in 1945 is the fourth largest city in Azerbaijan. Kura hydroelectric power station, the largest one in Azerbaijan, is also located here. And the Mingachevir reservoir formed by the dam, called a sea by local inhabitants, is the largest artificial reservoir in the country.

Today Mingachevir attracts a lot of local and foreign tourists. The entire tourist infrastructure is concentrated on the banks of Kura. Olympic rowing base “KUR” is also located on the banks of Kura. 



Modern name of the city is connected with rich oil and gas pools. Fauna of the district is rich and various: a part of Shirvan National park is located on the territory of Neftchala.

This district is also famous for fish species of Kura. Kurkosaisland is a perfect place for fishing.

At the distance of 10 km from the center in the mouth of the river at the place where Kura falls into Caspian sea you can watch a surprising show: Kura waters are separated from sea water with the help of ideal line: looks like a thin line does not let these waters to mix. 


Salyan city (which is called a “gates to the south”) is located at the distance of 126 km from the capital. This is the first stop on the way Baku – Astara. This is the only district you can walk through from entering point to exit within 1 hour 45 minutes.


This region is notable for its wonderful climate and the abundance of historical sites, but mainly it is famous for pomegranates.

Pomegranates are historically cultivated in almost all the regions of the country, but the recognized center of the best varieties of pomegranate is the Shirvan region which is situated in the dry subtropics zone of Geychay. The Geychay pomegranates are recognized worldwide and became the symbol of "real Azerbaijani pomegranates". It’s not surprising that the technology of the preparing of the well-known Azerbaijani sauce "narsharab" being a pomegranate jam, was invented by the locals. This popular sweet and sour sauce harmonizes perfectly with fish and meat.