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Legal notice - Website Terms & Conditions


These Terms & Conditions govern your use of http://azerbaijan.travel/ website (hereinafter referred to as “website”) and by accessing this website you accept these Terms & Conditions in full. Azerbaijan Tourism Board (hereinafter referred to as “ATB”) may at any time change these Terms & Conditions, which shall be binding for users in its latest updated version.


Intellectual Property Rights

This website is the property of ATB, all information and material, both written and graphic and trademarks (logos) (collectively, “the Content”) contained herein are owned by/licensed to ATB, and are protected under copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, foreign jurisdictions and international conventions.

The Content provided on this website is for personal use only and any other use of the Content for commercial purposes is prohibited. The Content cannot be copied, duplicated or in any other way distributed for commercial purposes without prior written consent of ATB.

The Content materials on this website which is regulated by copyright laws can only be reproduced and redistributed in compliance with the conditions and obligations required by the authors or copyright holders.  In case such protected materials are used for non-commercial purposes such as study, research, news and reporting in accordance with copyright regulations, they must be quoted and used in good faith.



Users are specifically restricted from all the following:

  • selling or otherwise commercializing any Content material;
  • using the Content materials in any way that is or may be damaging to the interests of ATB;
  • using this website in any way that harms user access to this website;
  • using this website contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or in any way may damage the website, or any person or business entity;
  • engaging in any data mining, data harvesting, data extracting or any other similar activity in relation to this website;
  • using this website to engage in any advertising or marketing.


Personal data protection

ATB preserves the right to collect only the information about visitors to this webpage that do not identify individuals and for statistical purposes only. When visitors entrust their personal data to us, ATB guarantees confidentiality of personal data in accordance with the requirements set by relevant legislation. The data entrusted to us by visitors will not be disclosed to third parties or unauthorized persons and will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided (for more information on how the personal data of visitors is protected please see Privacy Policy).

To ensure smooth functioning of this website, it contains cookies (for more information please see Cookies Policy).



ATB does not take any responsibility for damages to any technological equipment, devices or applications caused by visiting this website or any use thereof.

ATB is committed to ensure correctness and completeness of any Content published on this website, however ATB assumes no legal liability relating to accuracy, completeness or the usability of any parts of the Content of this website.

ATB has the right to update the Content of this website at any time, in any manner and irrespective of the reason without prior notice and accepts no liability whatsoever for any consequences of such updates.

For providing comprehensive information about the tourism potential of Azerbaijan this website contains links to different external addresses, such as other websites, individual pages or other resources. ATB assumes no responsibility for access, content or errors in external links, and is not liable for ensuring privacy and personal data protection on those external links.



Users agree to fully indemnify ATB from and against any and/or all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses arising in any way related to their breach of any of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.


Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and any disputes arising out of these Terms & Conditions shall be resolved at the courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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