peace of mind in the silence of nature

Nowadays, it’s everyone's dream to run away from the daily hustle and bustle and be alone with nature. In Azerbaijan, you can make this dream come true at places with fantastic facilities in the heart of nature and find long-lasting peace of mind.

peace of mindin the silence of nature

You can enjoy relaxing in the bosom of nature by hiking and camping in different parts of the country. But if these activities are a bit difficult for you and you just want to take a small bag and take a trip to be alone with nature, there are several great regions to visit. 

In the Ismayilli region, you can encounter conditions found in modern hotels in cabin houses in remote corners of nature. All you need to do is turn off your phone, keep away from social media and immerse yourself in nature. Both the natural environment and the opportunities it creates are ideal for relaxing your soul and strengthening your ties with your loved ones. You can gather around the fire to cook or warm up and socialise with your dearest. 

Another place where you can spend a few days in the heart of nature is in the village of Vandam in the Gabala region. Here, in a wooded area surrounded by houses with A-shaped roofs, you’ll feel as if you’re in another world. Listening to the sound of nature and feeling its spirit, absorbing the rays of sun on the terrace, and conversations around the bonfire are just a few things to attract you here. 

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Runaway House
Address: Ismayilli region, Galajig village 
Tel: +99455 255 2325
Address: Gabala region, Vandam village 
Tel: +99450 647 4522


weather and season

Air temperature

17.7 – 27.6°C / 63.9–81.7°F

Feel temperature

17.1 – 30.6°C / 62.8–87.1°F


  • Some sun, then turning cloudy
  • NNW
  • speed 11.1 km/h

When to go

  • Peak Season:
  • Winter, summer

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