go off the beaten track to Saribash

Saribash is a historic village and one of the most remote in Azerbaijan. You’ll need to take a ride  in a 4x4 to get there but you can rest assured that it’s a thrilling experience! 

the mountain villageof Saribash

go off the beaten trackto Saribash

Located on a plateau 1,602 metres up in the Caucasus Mountains is a historic village called Saribash, which is so remote that at some times of the year it can be completely cut off by a fast-flowing river. Even at the best of times you’ll need a 4x4 to get there, but it’s well worth making the effort in order to explore the village’s unique stone architecture and stunning mountain views. The village today is only home to about 30 people in winter, with many having left in recent decades due to its hard-to-reach location, but they’ll happily show you around and treat you to tea with delicious local jams. This is also a great place to try surhullu, a dried-meat dish unique to the Gakh region. Locals claim that nowhere does it better than Saribash.

go off the beaten track | to Saribash

weather and season

Air temperature

-7.2 – 1.9°C / 19.0–35.4°F

Feel temperature

-8.4 – 1.3°C / 16.9–34.3°F


  • Mostly sunny and cold
  • WNW
  • speed 9.3 km/h

When to go

  • Peak Season:
  • Summer

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