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Baku is the perfect city for a night out, to dance the night away and enjoy long conversations while drinking beer or cocktails accompanied by great music.

nightlife &entertainment in Azerbaijan

nightlife &entertainment

nightlife &entertainment

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National culture and traditional flavours meet harmoniously in Ağabala, where guests go on an unforgettable journey into 19th-century Azerbaijani cuisine. The restaurant's menu reflects the history of Azerbaijan and the most interesting elements of its national cuisine. The national mood of the restaurant can clearly be felt in the culinary techniques of folk cuisine and in the traditions of dish presentation. The historical atmosphere of Ağabala creates a special unity in the restaurant’s soul and interior, which can be observed to the last fine detail. At any time of the day, you can enjoy both traditional recipes and spiritual tranquility, while being bathed in heartwarming music.

Working hours:

Monday-Thursday, 12:00–23:00

Friday-Sunday, 12:00–00:00

Terrace: 21:00-04:00

Phone: +994 (50) 493 01 10

Madrid Bar

Great music and a touch of Spain on the Baku Boulevard. The atmosphere here is vibrant with fantastic DJ music only adding to the ambience. The outside terrace during the summer season is the perfect place to have a sundowner after work or chill with friends at the weekend.

Working hours:

Monday - Thrusday, 15:00–00:00

Friday, 15:00–06:00

Saturday, closed

Sunday, 15:00–01:00

Telephone: +99451 225 4825

ETUD Cafe & Bar

Jazz sessions, classical music nights, funk parties, and even more – this is the underground life of Baku youth at ETUD Cafe & Bar. Here you can enjoy a glass of local wine, or a bottle of beer, tasty cocktails, and relax with live performances by local musicians and performers.

Working hours:

Every day, 17:00–00:00

Telephone: +99450 766 6690


Party to the vibes of quality DJ music. This is a cosy bar that is great for casual hangouts, where you can order signature cocktails such as Amaro Passion or Green Meadow. You can sit at tables, of course, but here you are naturally drawn to the bar itself, where friendly bartenders will assist you in selecting the best drinks for a chilled night.

Working hours:

Every day, 10:00 - 23:00

Telephone: +99450 770 0330

Pivnaya Apteka

This cosy bar means ‘Beer Pharmacy’ in Russian and this unique pharmacy will heal all that go with its wide selection of beers, homemade lemonades, burgers and other delicious food. What you definitely wouldn't expect to see here is a teddy bear, but be ready for welcoming hugs.

Working hours:

Every day, 11:00 - 00:00

Telephone: +99412 404 8218

360 Bar

Located on the 25th floor of the stylish Hilton Baku hotel, 360 Bar slowly rotates to give 360° views of the capital and the Caspian Sea. It's even more stunning at night when you can enjoy not just the amazing cuisine and bar, but also live and DJ music. A relaxing ambiance is guaranteed.

Working hours:

Every day, 17:00 - 02:00

Telephone: +99412 464 5000

Harbour Restaurant & Pub

Kick back and relax at Harbour – Baku’s famous pub resembling an old English yacht club. Along with well-known beers, here you can taste spicy and flavourful Indian cuisine, or sip signature homemade lemonades and cocktails.

Working hours:

Every day, 12:00 - 00:00

Telephone: +99450 546 5500; +99412 404 8205

Finnegan's Irish Pub

Finnegan's is a popular chain of Irish pubs that regularly hosts live concerts featuring local bands and solo artists. Located in the downtown part of Baku and surrounded by popular nightlife, Finnegan's Irish Pub serves tasty food alongside its fine selection of Irish beers.

Working hours:

Every day, 16:00 - 02:00

Telephone: +99412 498 6564

People Livebar

A stylish interior and unique ambiance will welcome you at People Livebar. During evenings here you can dance with your friends to the DJ music of local artists. Feel free to grab a glass of local wine or sample delicious cocktails.

Working hours:

Every day, 15:00 - 00:00

Telephone: +99450 710 0011

Paulaner Bräuhaus Baku

Cheers to beers! Be ready to hear the chinking of beer glasses at Paulaner Bräuhaus Baku. Every Monday in Bräuhaus Paulaner Baku is 'Unlimited Beer' night, while on Saturdays you can enjoy live music performances. It's the only bar in Baku where you can feel the vibes of Munich!

Working hours:

Every day, 16:00 - 00:00

Telephone: +99451 250 9797


This lively, intimate cocktail bar with three rooms buzzes with DJ nights and jazz sessions. Here you can indulge in a friendly atmosphere and enjoy some 40 different cocktails on the menu.

Working hours:

Every day, 16:00 - 00:00

Telephone: :+99455 255 0700

Room Baku

Mellow in the early evening, Room becomes increasingly lively as the night continues with good music (DJs possible) and great food to complement the fine wines. Stays open very late.

Working hours:

Every day: 14:00–02:00  

Telephone: +99450 888 0069

Enerji Club Baku

Known for its high-end themed parties Enerji Club offers a tasty menu, and spontaneous and unique shows. Dance the night away on the shores of the Caspian.

Working hours:

Weekday, 18:00 - 00:00

Weekend, 18:00 - 04:00

Telephone: +99450 7007 057

Pasifico Lounge & Dining

Don’t leave Baku without visiting Pasifico - an exciting virtual journey along the coast of South America that was designed by Blue Sky Hospitality studio specialists from London. As the night winds on, Pasifico should be your go-to nightclub with an amazing view from the veranda and delicious cocktails.

Working hours:

Every day, 16:00 - 00:00

Telephone: +994 12 404 82 13

CityPub Baku

At CityPub you can watch football on a large screen while enjoying a glass of cold beer and a variety of snacks. The cosy interior, live music, several nice rooms and large selection of great drinks and dishes make this a great place to spend time with friends.

Working hours:

Every day, 12:00–00:00 

Telephone: +99451 598 4727

Crazzy Bear

Live music, an original interior and friendly staff will help you have a great time at the conceptual beer restaurant CraZzy Bear, situated on a lively street in central Baku. The dark decor, leather seats and atmospheric lighting transform it into a genuine club for lovers of fresh beer, good wine and unique dishes. Meanwhile, the Unlimited Beer Day on Mondays, when the beer flows like a river, is not a bad way to start the week!

Working hours:

Every day: 17:00–02:00  

Telephone: tel:+99450 250 8050


At the ShakesBeer bar you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing glass (and not just the one!) of beer served with diverse snacks, including special beer sets. The establishment’s comfy setting, a little away from the noise and crowds of the city centre, invites great conversation while the live music makes an evening spent here extra special.

Working hours:

Every day, 14:00–23:30

Telephone: +99450 999 8998

Black Lounge

The restaurant Black Lounge is a great option for those looking for some premium class relaxation, including a luxurious dinner and performances by famous musicians. The combination of stylishly dark decor, hearty dishes and delicious wines and cocktails will make a great impression on everyone, from large and loud groups to romantic couples seeking solitude. 

Working hours:

Mon-Sat, 10:00–00:00

Sun, 10:00–02:00

Telephone: +99450 400 1040


Eager to immerse yourself in Baku’s nightlife? Head to Zeppellin – the first conceptual wine bar in Baku with a relaxed atmosphere, design in the style of steampunk and entertainment for all tastes, from karaoke and live music to stand-up comedy and themed evenings. Here there’s always something going on, be it a Girls Party, Vodka Party or even a Wine Day with unlimited wine.

Working hours:

Every day, 18:00–00:00

Telephone: +99450 482 7766

BarDuck Express

Original cocktails and appetising snacks await you at the stylish cocktail bar BarDuck Express next to Fountains Square. This is a wonderfully cosy place where you can relax with a bottle of wine or enjoy a cold beer or cocktail at any time of day – the noise, laughter and merriment never stops under BarDuck’s stone ceiling.

Working hours:

Every day, 10:00 till the last client

Telephone: +99450 770 03 30


The bar CUBAR is replete with the bright colours and rhythms of Latin America and serves up exotic cocktails and Cuban rum. The bar’s extravagant interior, created and painted by talented local artists, is reminiscent of the streets of Havana. This is a great spot to have fun with friends to the foot-tapping melodies of DJs. 

Working hours:

Tuesday-Sunday, 15:00–00:00

Telephone: +99450 777 0053

Latitude & Longitude Bar Lounge

At the restaurant Latitude & Longitude Bar Lounge, located within the historic building of the hotel The Merchant Baku in the centre of the city, you’ll find everything you need for an unforgettable evening with friends. It’s a great place to end up after a stroll in the city centre to relax and try originally prepared national dishes in the elegant atmosphere of old Baku.

Working hours:

Every day, 07:00–00:00

Telephone: +99451 206 8581


Party at BarFly, the first and only cocktail bar in historic Icherisheher (Old City). This intriguing bar is the spiritual home of Henry Chinaski, star of several novels by Charles Bukowski and the film BarFly. Here, you can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails in a lively atmosphere, the perfect place for an after-work drink or an energetic night out.

Tuesday-Wednesday, 18:00-23:00;

Thursday & Sunday 18:00-01:00;

Friday-Saturday 18:00-03:00

+99455 291 4616


Need a restaurant that has it all? Look no further than Baku’s Balagan, with perfect service, delicious food and an entertainment programme that changes every day. Balagan has quickly become a favourite among locals, and it's not hard to see why. Whether you're celebrating a birthday or just looking for great food, Balagan is a top spot.

Tuesday-Thursday, 14:00-00:00;

Friday-Saturday, 14:00-01:00;

Sunday, 10:00-00:00

+99450 218 4040

UN 1906

Step back in time at UN 1906, a bar set in a historic building in Baku. With its old-world charm and special atmosphere, this place has become a favourite destination for locals and tourists alike. Enjoy a drink while admiring the staggeringly high ceilings or go to one of the bar's lively music events featuring classy DJs.

Wednesday-Sunday, 20:00-04:00

+99455 600 7070

CraZzy Chameleon

This venue is known for its lively atmosphere and great music, featuring both local and international DJs. The club offers a spacious dance floor and a variety of drinks to choose from, making it a great place to let loose and have fun. If you're looking for a vibrant night out in Baku, CraZzy Chameleon is worth a visit.

Every day, 12:00-02:00

+99470 999 5699

Homy Brasserie

Another must-visit restaurant in Baku, where you can enjoy a delicious blend of European and Azerbaijani cuisine made with local ingredients. The chic and easy-going atmosphere is perfect for a romantic evening or a night out with friends. Don't miss out on this gem and the chance to savour some truly delectable dishes.

Every day, 08:00-02:00

+99451 307 4445


Not just a bar and restaurant that offers an eclectic mix of dishes, but a quiet corner of Baku with a chilled ambiance. Surrounded by beautifully crafted shelves and an extensive library of books, here is a spot where you can truly relax and escape the hubbub of the centre. You can bring your pet too!

Every day, 12:00 - when the last guest leaves.

+99450 808 0069


Enjoy a chic and modern restaurant that prides itself on sublime cocktails and sumptuous international cuisine. HAVEN offers a special and unforgettable dining experience with its stylish interior and friendly atmosphere, making it the wonderful choice for a romantic dinner or a catch-up with friends.

Every day, 10:00-06:00

+99450 245 2229; +99455 245 2229


Have a night to remember at Baku’s RUIN, a lively, spacious spot with a delicious variety of cocktails and dishes. The fascinating decor will draw you in with its fusion of industrial vibe and mural paintings, giving off a warehouse party feel to keep you in partying until the early hours of the morning.

Monday-Friday, 10:00- 06:00;

Saturday-Sunday, 09:00-06:00

+99455 826 2626


Love beer? Come to one of Baku’s best establishments for it, with its extensive selection of beer from all around the world, as well as their own ones on tap. The atmosphere is laid-back and cosy, like any good beer joint, perfect for a casual night out with friends.

Every day, 16:00-02:00

+99412 310 2929; +99455 363 2629

Highball Beer Bar

This sports bar and gastro pub is the perfect spot for lovers of sport and beer. With numerous screens broadcasting the latest games, Highball offers a lively atmosphere and a great selection of drinks and snacks. Enjoy a fun night out with friends while cheering on your favourite team.

Every day, 16:00-02:00

+99450 326 0555

Double Eleven

A trendy restaurant with a real focus on quality wines and cocktails. The decor is modern and chic, with a nod to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The menu is diverse, including vegetarian options and a variety of tapas to match the fantastic range of wines.

Every day, 16:00-(01:00-03:00)

+99450 209 2611

Boorda Wine Bar

A must-visit spot for lovers of great food and fine wine, with an extensive selection of local and international wines. The ambiance is relaxed and inviting, making arriving a lot easier than leaving! The knowledgeable staff can guide you through the extensive wine list, and the delicious small plates make it the perfect choice for a relaxing evening.

Every day, 14:00-02:00

+99451 421 8700

Inn Vino Baku

Inn Vino Baku is a hidden gem in the city, offering delicious Azerbaijani wines and a delectable menu in a cosy atmosphere. Their knowledgeable staff can recommend a wine to suit your taste buds, and the boards are the undeniable highlight of the cuisine, perfect for pairing with your favourite wine. It's just the place for wine lovers looking to expand their palate or enjoy a relaxing evening with friends.

Every day, 15:00-01:00

+99455 324 6383

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