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Home to nine different climate zones in a small area, Azerbaijan is a nature-rich country with unique opportunities for divers. From seals, to shipwrecks, to sunken villages, Azerbaijan welcomes you to come and discover its underwater secrets.


discover Azerbaijan’sunderwater secrets

Near Baku there are lots of small rocky islands where the water reaches a depth of 5 to 12 metres. These islands are full of numerous types of fish and other sea species, such as the Caspian seal, the world’s smallest seal species. You may also see an interesting type of black sea turtle as well as harmless sea snakes; the Caspian Sea does not have any species that are dangerous for people. What’s more, in ancient times, Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea around Baku were a part of the Silk Road, so the waters of the Caspian are alive with rumours of lost treasures and contain many shipwrecks. In addition, the Caspian is a centre of oil exploration, and so divers can also encounter abandoned oil platforms. For all these reasons, the Caspian Sea is a unique place for both experienced and beginner divers. 

But Azerbaijan also has other unique diving spots, such as the crystal-clear mountain lakes of Goygol and Maralgol with depths of 60-90 metres in the west of the country, the Mingachevir Reservoir where you can see sunken villages at depths of 15-30 metres, Nohur lake in Gabala, and a variety of other dive sites. “Sangi Mugan Island” – a legendary island is one of the popular dive spots; near the island, there is a naturally created underwater miracle - underwater rock that forms a bowl-like aquarium. A trip to “Boyuk Zira” offers an interesting experience of wreck diving accompanied by diving professionals as well as a chance to look at remnants of the old Soviet Navy fleet. Having full of big rocks laying in the water, "Snake Island" is a fabulous place to begin your dive endeavours and to observe a unique wonder of local nature. It would be great luck to see how snakes hunt fish or how they copulate as they are not poison and never attack divers.

The company Baku Scuba can take you to all the best spots and offers a range of programmes to suit different budgets and time allowances. They can also arrange all the necessary permits and provide all the requisite gear for rental. As a PADI dive centre, Baku Scuba also has a full range of PADI diving courses. Course attendees are first trained in the pool and then an area of open sea at the company’s own dive spot, located in the coastal settlement of Dubendi near Baku on the Absheron Peninsula. 

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discover Azerbaijan’s  | underwater secrets

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