Guba-Khachmaz region is located in the north-east of Azerbaijan. By travelling to this region, you will get an opportunity to have a good rest in the picturesque places of Azerbaijan, take a tour to the Chyrag-gala fortress, visit the high-mountain village Khinalig, the population of whichrepresents a separate ethnographic group, and visit the ski resort near Shahdagmountainin case you are a winter sports enthusiast.



Due to its good location and rich infrastructure, the Guba region is one of the favorite tourist destinations.   Visitors have long chosen Gechresh place where you can relax in the shady woods, Tangaalti gorge where the river carries Velvelichai stormy waters, the famous waterfall Afurdzhi that is listed in Monuments of Azerbaijani Nature List.

The district has a unique mountain village Khinalig, located at an altitude of 2100-2200  m. above sea level. The population of the village is a separate ethnographic group, with its own language.

Guba is famous for its apples which have long become its symbol. There are more than 40 different varieties of apples here. 


Gusar is reasonably called the “Northern Gates” of Azerbaijan. It borders with the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation. 

Four out of nine climatic zones existing in the Republic are at the territory of Gusar district. Shahdag tourist center functioning all year round gained a high popularity.  This is a popular ski resort in winter and a camp site in the lap of the Caucasus Mountains in summer. 


Khachmaz district located in the north-west of the country covers the most part of Samur –Davachi lowlands and in the north borders with the Russian Federation.

Khachmaz district is famous for its recreational area in the country – Nabran.

Khachmaz has a rich flora and fauna. There are good conditions for hunting and fishing in this area. Samur-YalamaNational park is also located here.


The village is located at an altitude of 2100-2200 meters above sea level. They say that this area is associated with Noah. According to the legend, when Noah saw this tall and flat terrain, he dropped the anchor and told everyone to leave the ark. There are about 380 houses that are 200-300 years old. Since the slopes here are very steep, the houses are built very close to each other. The roof of one house is the courtyard for another one located above. 

Locals are one of the Albanian tribes and they speak a completely original language. Khinalig village known not only for its ancient traditions, but also by the fact that Bigfoot has been seen there...