where time stands still Jidir Duzu

Nestled within the embrace of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, Shsuha - cultural capital of Azerbaijan and cradle of music and art - captivates visitors with its enchanting nature and mesmerising landscapes. When one thinks of Shusha’s natural beauty, Jidir Duzu immediately comes to mind.

the promenadeof Shusha

where time stands stillJidir Duzu

Located south of Shusha at the upper part of Gargarchay Canyon, Jidir Duzu has long been a symbol of the region’s cultural and historical heritage. This vast and flat expanse has hosted traditional Karabakh horse races, games of ‘chovkan’, Novruz celebrations and other folk festivities since ancient times.

It has also been a venue for literary and musical gatherings, drawing people from far and wide to this picturesque setting. More recently, the significance of Jidir Duzu was revived with the reinstating of Kharibulbul Music Festival in 2021, held again after many years of interruption. This festival honours the Kharibulbul flower, a symbol of victory and Shusha’s freedom. Known scientifically as the ‘Caucasian Bee Orchid’ (Ophrys caucasica), this endemic flower, which blooms on Jidir Duzu, stands as a symbol of resilience and beauty.

The view from Jidir Duzu, with River Gargar flowing 200 metres below along the canyon and the majestic Lesser Caucasus Mountains rising before your eyes, is truly enchanting. The area’s legendary beauty is best appreciated in person, since words can scarcely capture the full grandeur of this celebrated landscape.

where time stands still | Jidir Duzu

weather and season

Air temperature

22.5 – 30.1°C / 72.5–86.2°F

Feel temperature

21.8 – 31.4°C / 71.2–88.5°F


  • Breezy and not as hot
  • N
  • speed 14.8 km/h

When to go

  • Peak Season:
  • Spring, summer, autumn

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