unforgettable adventures in the mountains

The villages in the Talish Mountains in the Lerik district are each more beautiful than the other. Here, together with these centuries-old settlements, stunning mountain rivers and waterfalls await you.

hike upto the village of Galabin

unforgettable adventuresin the mountains

The mountain forests of Lerik bewitch visitors with their mystical and mysterious charm. No sooner will you find yourself among the long-lived trees here than you will feel completely relaxed. Lerik is conveniently situated for climbs into the Talish Mountains. Here you can stroll along forest trails while enjoying the splendid views. After two days – during which you make camp, spend the night in a tent, sit around a fire in the evening and marvel at the sky – you’ll feel part of nature. And then the waterfalls at Galabin village will greet you. The Upper and Lower Galabin waterfalls, tumbling from the cliffs at a height of 20 and 30 metres, will leave a long-lasting impression.

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unforgettable adventures | in the mountains

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Air temperature

23.2 – 31.4°C / 73.8–88.5°F

Feel temperature

25.1 – 32.6°C / 77.2–90.7°F


  • Cloudy; breezy this afternoon
  • N
  • speed 18.5 km/h

When to go

  • Peak Season:
  • All year round

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Lerik caves await explorers
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Lerik caves await explorers

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Learn the secrets to a long and healthy life in Lerik
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Mentioned by some historical writers, Lerik is blessed with nature so pure and peaceful it’s no wonder that it is known as the Land of Centenarians. More

Southern route
Southern route

Southern route

To truly experience Azerbaijan’s natural diversity, head south to Lankaran, Lerik and Astara to a land of hot springs, nature reserves and the majestic Talysh Mountains. The local cuisine is pretty great too – don't leave without trying dishes like fish lavangi or parcha-dosheme plov and enjoy endless cups of freshly grown Azerbaijani tea. More

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