Skiing in Shahdag

The Shahdag tourism complex, the first ski resort in Azerbaijan, is located in the northeast in Shahdag National Park, named after the iconic Mount Shahdag in the Gusar region of Azerbaijan. Shahdag has pistes both for beginners and real professionals  – 14 ski slopes of varying levels of complexity stretch 17 kilometres. Each trail is prepared with the help of artificial snow generators, which prolongs the ski season longer and improves the quality of the pistes. State-of-the-art ski lifts and gondolas are available to take you quickly to the top of the slopes. Shahdag Resort has a brand new Ski Shop with all the latest equipment to rent or buy and friendly staff to assist guests with professional advice to enjoy their skiing experience regardless of ski level. You can buy or rent skis, helmet, snowboard or any other necessary equipment, book a lesson and start exploring the mountain. The ski school is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers and offers private or group lessons.