Unique tastes

For a completely unique Azerbaijani wine experience, be sure to try some of the growing range of pomegranate and quince wines and sparkling wines being produced at several Azerbaijani wineries. They also happen to make an ideal gift to take home with you.

Pomegranate wines

Pomegranates are considered the ‘king of fruits’ in Azerbaijan and grown all over the country, but most famously in Goychay, which hosts the annual Pomegranate Festival to celebrate the late-autumn harvest. This favorite fruit is ever-present in Azerbaijani cuisine in the form of sauces, juices, jams, and of course... wine! Pomegranate wines have a dark ruby color, a tart, sweet taste (but not overly sweet) and a nutty aftertaste with hints of tobacco and cherry.

Quince wines

Quince has been grown in Azerbaijan for millennia and today, like pomegranates, this gloriously yellow fruit is made into compotes, jams, and juices, as well as being a popular version of the national dish dolma. With its sweet and sour taste, quince also gives fragrant sparkling, liqueur and dessert wines with a beautiful amber color, a delicate, balanced flavor, and a fruity and flowery aftertaste – ideal for cozy winter evenings!

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