discover the secrets of Lerik's long livers

Lerik is a town and region sometimes called 'the land of centenarians'. And there's a good reason for it. Want to learn more? Come take a look.

Museum of Longevityin Lerik

discover the secrets toa long life in Lerik

Perched high in the Talysh Mountains, the quiet town of Lerik is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape of mountains, rivers and waterfalls. This, of course, has a lot to do with how Lerik became known as the Land of Centenarians – the water, air and plants here are so lush and pure that they are thought to have a medicinal quality. In fact, so many of Lerik’s local residents have passed the 100-year threshold that the town has its own museum dedicated to its centenarians. One man featured here is Shirali Muslimov, a resident of the nearby village of Barzavu, who lived for an astonishing 168 years! If you’re keen to learn the secrets to a long and healthy life, then don’t miss paying a visit to Lerik.

discover the secrets to | a long life in Lerik

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Air temperature

9.2 – 12.4°C / 48.6–54.3°F

Feel temperature

8.6 – 12°C / 47.5–53.6°F


  • Brief morning showers; cloudy
  • NE
  • speed 9.3 km/h

When to go

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  • All year round

Discover the secrets to a long and happy life in Lerik


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Mountain adventures in Lerik
Mountain adventures in Lerik
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Mountain adventures in Lerik

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Mentioned by some historical writers, Lerik is blessed with nature so pure and peaceful it’s no wonder that it is known as the Land of Centenarians. More

Southern route
Southern route

Southern route

To truly experience Azerbaijan’s natural diversity, head south to Lankaran, Lerik and Astara to a land of hot springs, nature reserves and the majestic Talysh Mountains. The local cuisine is pretty great too – don't leave without trying dishes like fish lavangi or parcha-dosheme plov and enjoy endless cups of freshly grown Azerbaijani tea. More

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