we all prosper with less plastic wasted

Azerbaijan Tourism Board is taking a leading role in the fight to clean up the environment from waste plastics, one of the biggest global challenges we currently face. As a significant player in the global tourism industry, ATB’s commitments and voice can help others, whether organisations, tourists or residents, to fully wake up to this problem and turn the tide against polluting plastics through effective action.

Global TourismPlastics Initiative

ATB took a significant step towards tackling this problem in 2021 by joining the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, which obliges it to a list of actions that will help to eliminate problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging and items by 2025. This process formally commits to involving local stakeholders through discussion platforms and meetings with key players, including industry partners and experts in plastic pollution, which acknowledges the importance of education in the process.

Although there are top-down measures that can be taken, such as working with the Ministry of Ecology to pass laws that affect plastic manufacture and use, ATB also hopes that their involvement as a leader in the tourism field will inspire others, both groups and individuals, to take action that will help reduce the amount of polluting plastics in the environment. This process of informing people begins through example - ATB recycles and reuses various materials in its offices and tourist information centres in Baku and around the world, as well as expecting industry partners to do the same. Azerbaijan Hotel Association, for instance, embarked on a tree-planting programme, and battery and plastic recycling measures.

The result is that tourists and locals are seeing the effectiveness of mass action and joining in this environmental movement, keeping the stunning land of Azerbaijan unspoiled for all to enjoy. Tourists, naturally, are drawn to the varied climates and landscapes of our country for its pristine beauty. Locals, too, understand the eyesore created by plastic pollution and the threat it poses to local wildlife. Together, we can all safeguard the environment of Azerbaijan for us, you and future generations.

If you are wondering what you can do today to help out, start with these three simple steps: reduce, reuse, recycle.

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