Annual bird countingat Beshbarmag mountain in Azerbaijan

1 October 2022
Annual bird counting at Beshbarmag mountain in Azerbaijan

The coastal plain at the Beshbarmag, surrounded by Caucasian Mountains and Caspian sea, functions as a bird migration corridor. This year, the seasonal migration movement is observed by 25 counters from 10 countries who joined the bird counting in Beshbarmag with the support of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East (OSME), State Tourism Agency, Azerbaijan Tourism Board and Birding Azerbaijan. The operational support was provided by Camping Azerbaijan.

During the last ten days, counters witnessed more than 90 species and over 220000 individuals, with a big number of Garganey (around 10.000) and Black-winged Pratincoles (1000). According to the counters' comments, the signs of summer fading away are noted with the decrease in a number of Rollers and Terns. Although there were no longed southeastern winds, the Terns kept on passing through and their number grew up to 13.000. The first Great Black-headed Gull and increasing numbers of Rook are the indicators of the approaching winter. Almost every day, counters observe exquisite species Ortolan Buntings, Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, Levant’s Sparrowhawks, Dalmatian Pelican and the Vultures. Some of the new species, including red-billed Choughs moving south on September 11th, were also registered by the counters.

Numbers of the birds are updated every day and can be found at Besides updates on numbers, counters report in detail, describing how each day of the bird counting went.

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