Azerbaijan Showcases Culinary Delights at National Geographic Food Festival

17 July 2023
Azerbaijan Showcases Culinary Delights at National Geographic Food Festival

From July 15th to 16th, 2023, Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB) delighted visitors at the National Geographic Food Festival in London UK with a showcase of the country's rich culinary heritage, an essential part of travel experience through Azerbaijan.

An array of immersive activities offered by Azerbaijani team, were met with high demand. Attendees were treated to a Tea Ceremony master class, where visitors learned about Azerbaijan's tea culture and indulged in a cup of black tea accompanied by traditional sweets. Wine enthusiasts had the chance to participate in a wine tasting degustation, exploring the unique and vibrant flavours of Azerbaijani wines.

The event also featured a captivating Rice and Saffron masterclass, where participants discovered the art of cooking rice infused with aromatic saffron, a beloved spice in Azerbaijani cuisine. The masterclass showcased the country's culinary traditions, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the essence of Azerbaijani cooking.

Plov, a celebrated dish in Azerbaijani cuisine, was introduced to the visitors on the second day of the festival. Attendees savoured this traditional rice dish, expertly crafted to highlight the distinct flavours that adorn every holiday table in Azerbaijan. The traditions and rich culinary heritage of Azerbaijan was beautifully showcased through this culinary masterpiece.

Additionally, at the national stand, visitors were treated to a gastronomic journey through the flavours and aromas of Azerbaijan. The highlight of the experience was the opportunity to taste national dishes such as qutab, delicious staffed flatbread, and kükü which resembles a green omelette prepared with herbs.

"It was great to be back to the National Geographic Food Festival to showcase the unique culinary traditions of Azerbaijan," said Florian Sengstschmid, CEO of Azerbaijan Tourism Board. "We are thrilled to have provided visitors with a true taste of our country's rich gastronomic heritage and invite everyone to explore more on their culinary trip to Azerbaijan with its diverse touristic offerings."

Azerbaijan's participation at the National Geographic Food Festival highlighted the country's commitment to promoting its unique gastronomy culture and attracting food, and travel enthusiasts from around the world. The event allowed attendees to experience first-hand the flavours, techniques, and hospitality that make Azerbaijan truly exceptional.

For more information about Azerbaijan's tourism offerings, please visit www.azerbaijan.trav

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