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"Dağların başı" event

ATB is excited to be supporting creative media platform VarYox in launching an art residency in Khinalig, one of Azerbaijan’s most unique mountain villages, from 16 August to 8 September 2019. The aim of the project is to help revive the community’s cultural, social and economic life by applying a creative approach to local industries such as textiles and animal husbandry. Baku-based artists Faig Ahmed, Vusal Rahim, Rajab Aliev and Nargiz Ibrahimova will live in Khinalig for 3 weeks, working with local residents to develop herbal products and create souvenirs from local stones and flowers. An English course will also be taught to help the community communicate with tourists, and an outdoor film screening will be organized by Salaam Cinema. What’s more, the project will end with the CAUCASUS ALL FREQUENCY international music festival on 6-8 September. The festival is free, so do come and join in!


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16 Августа - 08 Сентября 2019