26 May 2024

Can Aydogmus - "İşığın Şəfa Gücü"

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• The Importance of Awakening
• The astrological period we are currently in
• Astrological map of Azerbaijan
• Energy Field Strengthening and Light Healing Meditation
• Miracles created by the changes we make inside and outside
• How can you rebuild your life?
• How can you change your destiny?

In the process of personal development, Can Aydoğmuş, who studied topics such as organizational horoscope, corporate awareness, regression, hypnotherapy, NLP, lucid dreaming, power of thought, Vedic Astrology and subconsciousness in England, Italy, Germany, America and Turkey, is a writer who shares articles to guide people to love and happiness. , identifies as a blogger, vlogger and influencer.

Don't miss the seminar "Healing Power of Light" by Can Aydoğmuş, who met his Azerbaijani audience and readers for the first time at Badamdar Estates Hotel (Former Pullman Hotel) on May 26.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be sent a digital certificate of participation specially named after them.

Event language: Türkçe
Age limitation: 14+

event location

Badamdar Estates

M. Mushfig street. 1C


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