In ancient times, Baku was one of the most densely populated cities not only in the Southern Caucasus, but in the whole of the Middle East! Icherisheher – the old town at the heart of the city – now acts as something of an open-air museum, preserving ancient history, cultural heritage and architecture to present day. Centuries ago, crowded market squares, streets and large estates emerged in Icherisheher; the Old City’s Maiden Tower and the Palace of Shirvanshahs are even included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Icherisheher is a home to a wide variety of handicrafts, such as pottery, metal and glassware. With its triple row of fortress walls and Maiden Tower, the city was built to defend with the help of its labyrinth of lanes. Enemy troops who stormed Icherisheher did not survive long before getting lost in this real-life stone trap. There’s a certain poetry to breathing new life into the Old City’s narrow alleyways have survived and evolved over all these years. Within these walls we can catch a glimpse of what life was like through the eyes of our ancestors.