Hirkan National Park

The Hirkan National Park is one of the pearls of Azerbaijani nature located in the south of the country, in the heart of the Talysh Mountains. Here, you won't find any camping areas, cafes, bars, restaurants and other such delights of modern tourism because this area is home to a natural wilderness dating back 60 million years with its own truly unique flora and fauna. This region has existed since the Ice Age and could easily be called a botanical garden. The Hirkan Ironwood tree, which is endemic to this area, not only survived the Ice Age but also indirectly became one of the reasons for the oil boom in Azerbaijan. Not many know that back in those days, the Nobel brothers were looking to buy a large quantity of ironwood for their business producing weapons. Luckily, transportation proved too expensive and the brothers were instead attrcated to the booming oil business. Soon after, Ludvig Nobel purchased an oil plant in Baku. The Hirkan Forest is home to another natural gem – Lake Khanbulagh, and while tigers used to inhabit the area until the late 1930s, today it is one of the last habitats of the Caucasian leopard.

On the territory of Astara and Lankaran Districts