Many foreign tourists visiting Azerbaijan are believers. It is natural that some of them profess a variety of religions. Therefore, most of them ask the question – how the local people attitude for example, to Christians, Jews or Catholics? And are there in addition to mosques, holy temples of other religions? We can assure you that the Azerbaijanis attitude to all believers without exception with respect and sensitive, and there have never existed disagreement on religious grounds between different ethnic groups in our country.

Almost all believers of Azerbaijan confessing Islam perform daily prayers. Therefore, there are many mosques, where, by the way, allowed to access to everyone, regardless of nationality, provided that they come with an open heart and heavenly thoughts.

There are three Orthodox churches in Baku, and they are very popular not only among the Russian population. They always pass all the necessary services, and religious holidays are celebrated.

New Jewish Synagogue, built in the city centre on the site of the old one is well-known to Israelis, and also the gothic beauty-church built in 1899 for the Baku Lutherans is well-known among the German visitors. Not only liturgy is listened here, but also the concerts of world famous artists are organized here and prestigious prizes filmmakers are awarded under organ music.

Moreover, there exit ethnic settlements in Azerbaijan where densely live the representatives of various nationalities freely confessing their religion. Among them is Krasnaya Sloboda - a village in Guba region inhabited mainly by Mountain Jews; Ivanovka - a village in Ismayilli region where they live Molokans - religious sect of Christians denying icons, saints, temples, priests, and all the church hierarchy; Nij - a settlement in Gabala region populated by Udines who are direct descendants of the Caucasian Albanians and confess Christian.

As stated by Giovanni Lajolo - Cardinal, Secretary for Relations with States of the Secretariat of State of Vatican “in Azerbaijan Muslims, Christians and Jews live in peace and tranquility, the respect, friendship and love dominate between them. In this sense, Azerbaijan can serve as an example to all. “



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