Going on vacation with children is a very demanding affair, because little travellers can easily get bored travelling with parents and their friends. However, the capital of Azerbaijan is nourished by the ancient traditions of the nation, which honours family values above all. Therefore, special attention is paid here to those types of entertainments which will not only suit the tastes of solo travelers, but also those guests who have brought their families with them. Comfortable hotels, health resorts and recreation zones, where the grown-ups can relax and children can have plenty of fun, can be found in Baku, as well as its suburbs and in other cities, such as Qabala. However, those who wish to stay in the capital and remain at the centre of the action, can enjoy strolling in numerous green parks, supplied with all the popular attractions, playgrounds and facilities for children, or visit large shopping and recreation centres, each of them having a kiddies corner, where every child can feel like a fairytale hero, and every parent becomes a real magician!

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