Baku – Nakhchivan – Baku (1 day-tour)

Day 1. Trip to Nakhchivan.

Sightseeing places in Nakhchivan.  architectural complex Imamzade(XII – XIII в.), mausoleums of Yusuf ibn Kuseyir and Momine Khatun (XII в.), old bath of Ismayil Khan(XVIII в.), Old Fortress (X-XIV в.).

Sightseeing places in Sharur; museum of history and culture, ancient handicrafts, workshops of local masters, Shakhtakhti village, old bridge, mosque and caravansarays.

Visiting the holy place Asabu Kaf, mentioned in Koran.

Return toBaku.





24 January Pressure: 771 mm 25 January 764 mm

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