Baku – Ganja – Khanlar – Baku (3 days/ 2 nights)

Day 1. Panoramic view ofBakuBay from the highest point of the city,Highland Park.

Sightseeing places ofBaku;OldCity, Double Gates (XII в.), Shirvanshakh’s Palce (XV в.),MaidenTower(XII в.),Bazar Square, Juma mosque.

Visiting souvenir, carpets, antique shops and workshops of local handicrafts.

Excursion on Absheron peninsula.Visiting theFireworshipersTemple, Castle in Romani settlement(XII в.), Ancient tower in Mardakan settlement(XIII в.) and  Yanar Dag –BurningMountain, self-burning springs of natural gas.


Day 2. Departure to Ganja.

On the way to Ganja visiting the Diri Baba mausoleum in Maraza.

Sightseeing places in Ganja; Ganja City Gates (X – XI c.). Juma mosque (XVII c.), Caravansaray of Shakh Abbas, Ancient German Church, ancient albanian temple, Church of Alexander Nevsky, ancient bridges(XII c.), baths and caravansarays.


Day 3.  Excursion in Khanlar. Beautiful and Unique building by Germans architectures, ancient churches and bridges, museum of history.

Excursion to Geranboy.GulistanTower(XII – XVII c.),OldTower(XVII c.), historical-architectural complex (XVIII – XIX c.) and etc.




5 January Pressure: 767 mm 6 January 765 mm

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