The Lankaran-Astara region is located in the south of Azerbaijan and is known as a subtropical region with exceptionally picturesque nature and rich in plant and animal life. The Girkan National Park and the Gizilagach Reserve are located in this region.



Lankaran is located in the south-eastern part of Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea. This is one of the brightest and most beautiful cities in the country. Exquisite architecture, a wonderful climate and beautiful natural landscapes are the hallmarks of this city. 

A percentage of the population of the district is ethnic Talish, who have to this day preserved their ancient traditions and customs.

The subtropical climate of Lankaran region is ideal for the growing of citrus fruits, rice, grapes and tobacco. Great attention is given to the production of Lankaran tea. 

Hirkan National Park (the habitat of the Asiatic leopard) and Gizilagaj Reserve are partially located on the territory of Lenkoran and are of considerable interest for eco-tourism enthusiasts.

There are plenty of historical attractions in Lankaran and among them the most attractive is Lankaran Fortress, or to be more exact, the fragments of it which still remain. 


Lerik ideally suits those tourists who want to get away from the hubbub of civilization, to breathe in fresh mountain air and enjoy an unparalleled view of majestic mountains, rapid rivers and noisy waterfalls. Lerik is quite rightly known as the home of longevity.  

Popular natural recreational zones in Lerik are Byulyudyul (20 km from the centre of the district) and Zyarigala (17 km). There are springs with delicious water there. The woods and along the banks of Lerik River, are ideal locations for the hunting wild boar, hare, foxes, grouse and duck. Leopards are known to live in the more inaccessible parts of the mountain forests. 


Masalli region, located in the south of Azerbaijan, 270 km away from the capital city is known for its subtropical climate, azure beaches on the coast of the Caspian Sea and the abundance of hot springs, the most famous of which is Istisu.

The thermal, mineral spring, Istisu (literally "hot water") has long been a place of pilgrimage for people suffering from rheumatism and other musculoskeletal and skin diseases. 


One part of the territory is home to the Talysh Mountains, and the other part is flat plain. Astara city is surrounded by rice paddies. High in the mountains, the Astarachay and Tengerud Rivers originate and flow into the Caspian Sea.

More than 37,000 hectares of the area are covered by forest and ancient woodland. Hirkan National Park is located in the Astara region where, along with Lankaran, is an area where the population of the Asiatic leopard is preserved.