The north-western tourist region of Azerbaijan is located on the southern slope of theGreaterCaucasus and coverstheterritory of Balakan, Gakh, Oguz, Zagatala, Shekiadministrativedistricts.

The picturesque nature of the North-West region has turned it into the most important recreational region and tourism in Azerbaijan. An international tourist route to Georgia passes through this territory (Baku-Shemakha-Sheki-Belokan-Zakatala-Tbilisi).


It is the beautiful part of Azerbaijan with a rich and ancient history. Back in the days, this city (Kabbalah) was the capital of Caucasian Albania (ancient state that used to exist on the territory of modern Azerbaijan) for 600 years. Up to this present time there are the ruins of the ancient city and the main gate of Caucasian Albania. There is ​​a great number of historical and cultural monuments of different eras in this region.

Several 5 star hotels of the first Azerbaijan hotel complex Gafgaz, small family hotels, and several tourist camps are functioning in Gabala.

The largest amusement park under the open sky in Azerbaijan – Gabaland is located In Gabala at the area of 16 hectares.

The town also hosts an annual international music festival of classical music, jazz and mugham, which is attended by bands and artists from around the world.


Gakh is a district on the border with Georgia. The climate in the south of the district is dry subtropical and temperate in mountains. There are plenty of mountain rivers and waterfalls in this district. 

This region is rich in its nature. In the national park Ilisu located here you can meet bears, mountain-goats, wolves, wild cats, boars, jackals and others. In this part of Azerbaijan one can see a number of ancient Albanian temples – these are first churches in the Caucasus and some of the first churches in the world. 


Zagatala is a beautiful, green city with wide streets, where one-storey houses with tiled roofs are located alongside with modern buildings of hotels. 

More than half of the territory is covered by mountains and forests and the administrative center – the Zagatala city is located at 535 m above sea level.

This district has a large number of historical and cultural monuments.There is an interesting natural monument in this city – the tree of 800 years old.


One of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan, Sheki is rightly reputed as the architectural reserve of the country.  Of particular interest to the tourists from all over the world is the Palace of Sheki Khans (1762) – a rare example of combining the national and palace architecture traditions.

To the north of the city there are the ruins of the once impregnable fortress "Gelersan – gerarsan" (“Come and See“) dated by the XV-XVIII centuries.

Sheki is also famous for its mouth melting baklava, soup piti (stew with vegetables in a clay pot), and the sense of humor of its people .