The first mausoleum at the tomb of Nizami was built in the 13th-14th centuries. In 1947 a new mausoleum was built. The current building dates back to the year of 1991. Near the mausoleum there is a sculptural complex depicting the great poet surrounded by the characters of his works. An artificial lake and five fountains were made to symbolize the five major poems of Nizami, known as "Hamsa".

Nizami Ganjavi is a worldwide famous Azerbaijani poet, thinker and mastermind, who lived and created in XII-XIII centuries. Nizami Ganjavi was very educated man. He had good knowledge not only in literature, but also in medicine, theology, Christianity, Islamic law, Judaism, Iranian mythology, philosophy, esotericism, music, arts, astronomy and etc.  Nizami is best known for his main work - five long narrative poems, combined under the single name “Khamsa”. All of these five poems are written in the “masnavi” (double-rhymed) style, with overall 30 000 double rhymes used. Nizami’s poems contain unique information, which has survived to this day only thanks to his works. 

Baku-Yevlakh Highway, Ganja City.