This phrase is translated from the Azerbaijani language as ‘The world of dreams’. Truly, Röyalar dünyası centre for kids offers quite a different approach to kids development. The centre is ready to help the parents who are interested in bringing up their children as a brilliant individual who loves life. Child’s emotional and personal development is a priority here and includes development of their creative potential. All the disciplines are mutually related in the centre of Röyalar dünyası. Everyone surely knows that playing with sand is one of the lovely engagements of kids. Let’s remember the wonderful finding of a well-known psychotherapist Karl Gustav Yung – sand balances emotions consequently influencing human psychic in a positive way. We shouldn’t forget about the ability of sand to ground negative energy and emotions, such as aggression, sadness, different kinds of internal conflicts and to help convert them into positive. This gave a birth to an idea about opening a studio for drawings with sand. Here kids have an opportunity to learn the skills of drawing with sand and that will spur development of their mental and creative skills – that is a know-how of Röyalar dünyası kids studio.

    apt 13, 6 T.Elchin st., Baku
    (+994 12) 492-21-92
    (+994 55) 266-24-42

    Yeni Nəfəs Akademiyası (The Academy of the Second Wind), a centre of education and entertainment for kids, offers a series of interesting services. In the “Our smarties” studio (for 3-5 year old kids) kids are taught reading and writing, mathematics, are introduced with the world they live in, work with psychologist, are taught drawing and learn English. In lunch time kids will be entertained with educating games, cartoons, programs etc.   

    The studios of “Excellent student in future” (for the lids of 5-7 years old), 'Future’s policymaker' (any age) and ‘Demosthenes’ (any age), the section of oriental combats for boys (no age restriction), an art school etc. function in the centre as well.  

    In the centre kids may have a fun in ZOOM playing room with friendly entertainers (trampolins, pools with balls, slides, labyrinths, as well as developing games, toys for kids and many others), they can play on game machines and Play Station 3, may use rapid internet, may use Q-Zar playing room, watch films in 3D cinema, have meal in Party Time restaurant where different festivities are organized.

    117 B, Mardanov Gardashlary str. (behind the embassy of Russian Federation), Baku
    Web site:
    (+994 12) 596-84-00
    (+994 12) 596-85-00
    (+994 55) 296-84-00
    (+994 55) 296-85-00

    Action World, the zone of game machines, has been functioning since2010 inShuvelan Park trading and entertaining centre.  Children may play on (nearly 42 kinds of) game machines here produced in Dubai and Singapore. Some machines are constantly replaced by the new ones. The game machines vary by their genre and difficulty levels and are intended for different age categories. The specially trained staff can explain the kids, when necessary, how to you a toy. The payment is done via the special plastic cards provided in the cash-desk of the Centre. The prices are quite reasonable: for playing the most expensive game you pay not more than AZN 3 and the cheapest one costs 60 gapics (AZN 0.60).  Up to 50-60 people can enjoy in Action World at the same time. The game zone is not separated from the main hall of the trade centre, so you are not influenced by the feeling of close place.  Common air conditioning and heating system will prevent kids from getting cold in winter and hot in summer.

    69 A. Ildyrym str., Shuvalan Park trade centre, Baku
    Web site:
    (+994 12) 565-88-55

    At the club «Aladdin and Jasmine» children spend time playing and learning. They are planned fun events: banquets, birthdays, holidays, etc. The club operates nursery, junior, middle and senior group with math and English disciplines. There is a choice, and other foreign languages. Part-time and full time courses in logic, spelling, and development of memory, attention, drawing, sculpting, dancing. Azerbaijani and Russian sectors. Feeding for paert-time - twice per day, for a full day - 4 times a day. A separate children's meals for kids from 1 to 3 years.

    67, Jabbar Garyagdy str., Baku
    Web site:
    (+994 12) 436-76-72
    (+994 12) 408-72-23
    (+994 50) 611-89-60

    Real fun reigns in children's entertainment club «Baby Bom», including the play area and cafe. Like a jungle maze will be the centre of attraction of all the little visitors. Attraction with pneumatic guns - the latest development in the entertainment industry. Children and adults alike will enjoy an impromptu fight with foam balls. «Baby Bom» brings joy to children and free time for adults. The club organizes children's birthday parties and holidays.

    204, Dilara Aliyeva str., Baku
    (+994 12) 437-56-86
    (+994 12) 498-94-15

    A favorite of all times and all recognized circus - a meeting place for children and adults to the world of magic, where if you want, in two hours you can wonder, marvel and laugh, applauding the skill of the best artists, animal trainers, acrobats and jugglers. From around the world come toBakuknown circus troupes to please the audience with their art which collects about two thousand audience per each performance. The circus has also its professional troupe of actors.

    68, Samad Vurgun str., Baku
    (+994 12) 597-28-48
    (+994 12) 597-25-95

    In Cosmo land entertaining centre you may spend your time with you family pleasantly and joyfully. Game halls, labyrinth, bungee, trampoline, toys, game machines are waiting for kids here. After playing as much as you want you may have a rest in the café. Thanks to the pleasant interior, the special menu for kids and the careful staff you will spend an enjoyable and unforgettable time here.  In Cosmo land you can also celebrate the holidays and the festivities for kids.  

    13 Orujov str., Baku
    (+994 12) 496-59-21

    Children’s Club «Crazy» - a team of professionals that will have the entire range of services in children's leisure, as well as the development and preparation of children for school. It is a paradise of family entertainment, fun performances, fabulous birthdays, tasty treats and wonderful gifts. The club offers the following services: Zoom, trampoline, swings, swings, slides, cars, dry pool, educational games and contests with gifts, holding birthday parties and celebrations, aqua make up and cafes. You could also leave the child in the care of caregivers.

    131, Nizami str., Baku
    Web site:
    (+994 12) 598-21-93
    (+994 70) 998-21-93

    Welcome to the Family Club «Darling» - an ideal place for a family pastime. There is a wonderful children's area and an excellent restaurant combining a successful mix of national and international cuisine. The most favorite activity for children - it's a game! Game Zoom and many other devices will give the children a lot of positive energy and joy.

    214, Abdulla Shaig str., Baku
    (+994 12) 596-58-70
    (+994 70) 303-77-32

    Gym&Fun game room for children will contribute to the development of kids who may run, jump, do chin-ups and even ‘climb on rock’ here. All this is provided, no doubt, with no harm to kids’ health. Your kid may run in the labyrinth and again with no damages; the walls of the labyrinth are covered with a soft material. For younger kids there is a dry pool, i.e. the pool with soft coloured balls of different size replacing water. That is not only a pleasant time spending but also the time spending for the benefit of health since dry pool develops motor skills and locomotorium, improves the mood and emotional condition of the kids. Being in this pool is a kind of massage done by the soft balls. Even though kids are left alone for playing they are constantly supervised by the employees of Gym&Fun. One can organize birthdays in two halls here each of which intended for 50 persons. It is possible to unite the halls. The food is ordered from McDonald’s restaurant, which is located on the lower below, and the general menu per person is offered for a quite reasonable price. 

    69, A. Ildyrym, Shuvalan Park trade centre, Baku
    (+994 12) 565-88-26



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