• Basgal

    BasgalVillage, located 56 km from the district center is the State Reserve. The narrow cobblestone streets lined with houses built of the same stone create a special atmosphere. An interesting feature of Basgal is that all the houses are facingMecca. In the Middle Ages, Basgal was one of the craft and filature centers, and even now the traditional women's silk scarves, kalagai, are made there.

    Ismayilli District AZ3114.
  • Ivanovka

    IvanovkaVillageis known for Russian Molokans that live here. The original name of Ivanovka was Nefteran. The village was renamed in honor of Colonel Ivanov who was leading the resettlement campaign of Molokans toAzerbaijan. The houses in Ivanovka are vintage standard classic wooden houses with carved architraves. Kolkhoz is still present nowadays in Ivanovka, where it is still a system of collective socialized labor.

    Ismayilli District AZ3114.



5 January Pressure: 767 mm 6 January 765 mm

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