• Ilisu Village

    There is something peculiar about every region ofAzerbaijan. In Gakh, that would be undoubtedly Ilisu, a mountain village, located at an altitude of 1,400-1,600 m. above the sea level, 12 km away from the administrative center. Thousands of people come here to admire the beauty of the nature: enchanted forest, waterfalls, and raging rivers; and to improve health. Thermal mineral sulfur and radon springs around the village have healing properties. There are two rivers near the village: one is called Garachay (Black River), and the second - Agchay (White River), after the color of water in them. Fording theGarachayRiverone can enjoy the view of Garachay waterfall.

    Gakh District AZ3417



5 January Pressure: 767 mm 6 January 765 mm

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