• Chanlibel Park

    Another notable park of Khachmaz is Chenlibel, which got its name because of the town associated with Koroglu, the national epic character, who led people in their struggle against unjust rulers. The central figure of the park is a monument to Koroglu, who is on a horse with a sword in his hand. In the park there is a variety of children's attractions, colorful sculptures, benches, and pavilions.

    Khachmaz City.
  • Fountains Park

    Seven fountains of various shapes and complexity are located in the area of a one hectare park. Graceful sculptures, cafés, tea houses, drinks and ice cream stands can be found all around the park. The children's library and the Carpet Museum are also places of interest in the park.

    Khachmaz City.
  • Heydar Aliyev Seyrangah (open area)

    A special feature of this park, that is two km long with a total area of about five hectares, is that it is located on both sides of a busy avenue connected by pedestrian bridges. The park has plenty of cafés, sculptures, pavilions, two complexes with waterfalls, and several fountains. The park is also a monument to the famous poet and outstanding statesman Shah Ismayil Khatai (1485-1524).

    Baku Ave., Khachmaz City.
  • Park dedicated to Cultural Figures

    The park, established in Khachmaz in 2006, is also called the Open-Air Museum of Outstanding People. Today, there are 39 busts of poets and writers, artists, including a monument to the great poet Nizami Ganjavi in the museum that covers the territory of about 2 hectares. There is also Khachmaz Local History Museum, a city library named after M. F. Akhundov, five fountains, and a spring complex located in the park.

    Heydar Aliyev Ave.



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