• Afurdzha Waterfall

    There are several waterfalls in Guba. The most famous one is formed by the river Valvalachay a few kilometers away from the Tanga gorge in the village of Afurdzha (42 km away from the district center). The height of the waterfall rushing down from the cliffs is 70 meters. Under the overhanging rock there is a narrow, 3-4 meter wide path that leads down to the bowl of the waterfall.

    Afurdzha Village, Guba District
  • Gachrash

    This is the most popular recreational area in Guba region; it is located 25 km from the district center. Gachrash means "come and sit down." This name is also interpreted as "a place where sunlight does not fall." Trees grow so densely on this vast territory that, in fact, the sun's rays do not reach the ground and in the summer it is pretty cool. On the edge of the territory there is a formation called Minara, a natural minaret.

    Gachrash Village, Guba District



5 January Pressure: 767 mm 6 January 765 mm

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