• Ardabil Mosque

    This mosque was built of burnt bricks in the 19th century with money donated by Guba residents. It was built mainly by migrants fromArdabil, who settled in the next block, hence the name of the mosque. In 1990, the mosque was put into operation after the idle period during Soviet time. Now there is the representation of Caucasus Muslims administration here.

    113 Fatali Khan Str., Guba City AZ4000.
  • Haji Jafar Mosque

    The mosque was built in the early 19th century by Haji Jafar. It is the largest mosque in Guba, the area of it is 400 sq.m, and it is built of burnt bricks. In 1983, the mosque was restored. An ancient carved door made without nails was preserved in the mosque. 

    62 Ardabil Str., Guba City AZ4000.
  • Juma Mosque

    Juma Mosque (Friday Mosque) one of the oldest mosques in the city is located near Guba Central Park. It was built of red brick in 1802. The architecture of this prayer facility is unique and can be seen only in Guba province mosques. It resembles a faceted cylinder i.e. it has the shape of a regular octagon; inside there is a large hall, topped with a massive dome, measuring 16 meters in diameter.

    Fatali Khan Str., Guba City AZ4000.
  • Sakina khanum Mosque

    The mosque was built in 1840-1854 at the behest of Sakina Khanum, the wife of Abbasgulu Aga Bakikhanov, in order to perpetuate the memory of her husband. The nine-dome mosque building is 27 meters high. It was built of burnt red bricks and resembles a faceted cylinder. It is said that the mosque was built without the use of cement, and chicken eggs were used as a binding element. In 1993, the mosque was restored and returned to believers.

    Sakina Khanum Str., Guba City AZ4000.



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