For centuries, people have tried to travel not only to enjoy the beauty of nature, but also to use the natural resources for their own purposes. First of all, to maintain health. Unfortunately, not all regions of the world can be found the healing springs.

Azerbaijanis one of the countries highly gifted an abundance of natural resources, and people often come here to restore their health. In our country there are manyhot springs- isti-su (“hot water”) which, depending on the chemical composition is used in treating a number of diseases - skin, musculoskeletal system, etc. One of these sources, over which recreation and retreat centre has been built, for example, is located in Massalli region, there are many mineral springs  in Nakhchivan city and its surroundings.

In Naftalan city, Goranboy region of Azerbaijan which is located about 320 km west of Baku and 50 km south-east of the second largest city of the country – Ganja there is a unique deposit of Naftalan oil, the only of its kind. This type of oil product is not used as an energy carrier. Fireproof Naftalan oil is an excellent therapeutic natural material.

Today, modern health centres have been established in Ganja and Naftalan, and thousands of people come here to improve their health. Naftalan oil is beneficial for the treatment of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system, liver, skin, neurological, urological, gynecological and other diseases.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry of Azerbaijan produces various ointments, creams and oils for the treatment of many diseases using naftalan. Therefore, travel toAzerbaijancan be useful and interesting.


    The biggest sports club in South Caucasus occupies8500 square metersin a two-storeyed building. For team play lovers there is an open tennis court, squash-courts, a rock-climbing wall, the grounds for playing football, volleyball and basketball in the building and the adjacent territory. The swimming pool is supplied with the latest water filtration system with ozone (not using chlorine). Rescuers, as well as professional trainers, who got special training abroad, are there in all engagements. You may enrich your leisure with sauna and Turkish bath, located in the space of swimming pool. There is also the gym, supplied with over 150 sport machines, including cardio-systems, and in a specially equipped hall with golf-simulator which creates a true illusion of being on a real golf ground. Kids may also do sports here; special subscriptions are provided for them in the centre. Along with different kinds of massage Elemis, British spa-cosmetics, procedures are carried out in the SPA salon of the club as well. 

    153 Neftchiler ave., Baku
    Web site:
    (+994 12) 499-89-09

    One of the centres for beauty and health intended specially for women. The visitors are offered a large sporty swimming pool, spa-tub, juice bar, massage rooms, cosmetology services, sweat baths, sauna, fitness centre, yoga, showers and therapy tanks and beauty saloon, laser epilation, cosmetic massage and device cosmetology for weight lost, Pilates, hydro-massage hubs as well. Professional trainer will work out an individual training program for you. While adults have their rest, qualified nurses will take care of the kids with cognitive games.  

    3165, Hasanbey Zardabi ave., Baku
    Web site:
    (+994 12) 431-45-47
    (+994 50) 643-45-47



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