Historical and architectural sights


  • Gulistan Fortress

    This magnificent monument of architecture, built in the north-west of Shamakhi on top of 200-meter high rocky mountain, in the 8th-9th century, has been one of the main strongholds of the Shirvanshahs for nine centuries. Its walls and towers withstood the attacks of the Arabs, Seljuks, Mongols, and Ottoman troops. The fortress has been severely damaged not only by wars, but also by earthquakes, and today there are only ruins left.

    North-west of Shamakhi City.
  • Pir-Mardakan Mausoleum

    This historical and architectural cube-shaped monument that belongs to the tower- domed kind of mausoleums was built in the 13th century (1203-1204). Monument includes the cemetery and caravanserai adjoined to it. The plaque states that the mausoleum had belonged to the scientist Tahir Taj Al-khuda Mardakani Ali ibn.

    Goylar Village, Shamakhi City.
  • Yeddi Gumbaz

    The name of Yeddi Gumbaz Complex means "Seven Domes". The monument was named after the number of Shirvan rulers’ mausoleums-tombs built here in 18th-19th centuries. Specifically, in the seven tombs, there are the remains of Mustafa Khan’ family, the last Shamakhi Khan. Each tomb has 3-4 graves with massive tombstones. This ancient monument is protected by the state.

    North-west of Shamakhi City.



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