Historical and architectural sights


  • Javanshir Fortress

    This fortress, located 4 km from theTalystanVillage, on the right bankAgchayRiver, is the pride of Ismayilli. The fortress consists of internal and external parts (Ichgala). It is a powerful defensive system of early Middle Ages. They say that offenders were dropped from the fortress down into the abyss. The fortress is associated with the name of Javanshir Mehranid, the famous Albanian military leader and an outstanding ruler (642-681).

    Road to Talistan Village, Ismayilli District.
  • Maiden Tower

    MaidenTower, located on the top of a steep mountain, is the most famous and important historical monument in the district. Different sources vary about the date of the construction from 7th to 11th-12th century. Only some towers, walls, and part of the terrace remain from this defensive fortress. An underground tunnel led from the tower to Javanshir Fortress, which is in the neighboring village a few kilometers away.

    Garamaryam-Ismayilli-Sheki Road, Kahangakh Village, Ismayilli, Ismayilli District.



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