Historical and architectural sights


  • Albanian Temple

    The temple in Lakit Village was built in the 5th century and is one of the most ancient architectural monuments of Caucasian Albania. The ruins of the temple are one km away from the Lakit Village in Gakh District. The temple was built in the shape of a circle with a room, 22 meters in diameter. In the north, south-east and west sides of the temple there are four doors, made in the shape of portals. The most interesting and significant feature of the temple is the structure of its interior. The arches, built on four massive pillars with columns between them in the center, support the dome that covers the central part of the temple. The overall composition of the columns has the shape of an octagon. 

    The road to Lakit Village, Gakh District AZ3424
  • Saint George Church

    In Gakh region there is one of the few remaining Albanian monuments - the templeof Kurmuk. It got its name from the KurmukRiver. Kurmuk is a combination of the words "kur" ("daffy", "capricious") and "mug" (the name of one of the Hun tribes). Kurmuk is an ancient Albanian temple from the early Middle Ages (13th c.). Residents ofAlbania worshiped the Goddess of the Moon and built a temple in her honor. The temple was destroyed and rebuilt again. Since the 19th century the temple turned into the Georgian Church of St. George. In the courtyard of the church there are a dozen graves. The earliest of the readable inscriptions dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.

    Gakh District AZ3424
  • Sumug Gala Tower/Fortress

    One of the famous architectural and historical monuments located in thevillageofIlisuis a Sumug Gala Watchtower. In this fortress, built in 17th-18th centuries, the famous movie "Fear Not, I Am with You" was filmed. River stones, mortar, and burnt bricks were used in the construction of the tower. The tower has a quadrangular shape at the bottom, tapering towards the top. The four-story structure has two embrasures.

    Ilisu Village, Gakh District AZ3417



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