Historical and architectural sights


  • Arched "Red Bridge"

    The only extant bridge, also called Gudialchay Bridge, is one of seven bridges that existed in Guba District in the 17th-19th centuries. This is the longest bridge; it was designed by Alexander III and was built in 1894. Fourteen of its spans, a total length of 275 meters and a width of 8 m, are built of burnt bricks. This design allows the bridge to remain intact even during severe mudslides and floods. The bridge has recently been restored and is protected by the state as a monument of architecture.

    Krasnaya Sloboda Village, Guba City AZ4000.
  • Chukhur Bath-House

    This quadrangular structure is also called Chukhur Bath-House or aBathwith a Dome. The Bath House was built of red bricks in the 18th century; it is crowned with a large dome that could keep the desired indoor temperature and humidity. They say that at one point Alexander Dumas himself took a bath there. Prior to 1985, the bath was used for its intended purpose, but now it is protected by the state as a historical monument.

    43 Ardabil Str., Guba City AZ4000.
  • Guba 1918 Genocide Memorial Complex

    A mass grave of Azerbaijani victims of the genocide, committed by Armenians in 1918, was discovered in 2007 during the construction of a stadium in Guba. A memorial was built at the burial site, and there is a monument to the genocide victims on the one of the streets in Guba.

    Yusif Gasimov Str., Guba City AZ4000.



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