• Museum of Folk and Applied Art

    In Sheki museum of folk and applied arts, which is located in the historical part of the city within the walls of the fortress, there one can find folk art items of different epochs and information about famous Sheki artists. The museum has 4 exhibition halls, which displays the work of craftsmen, national costumes, national musical instruments, etc. - over 500 exhibits in total.

    Mirza Fatali Akhundov Str.,Sheki City AZ5503.
  • The B. Efendiyev Museum of History and Regional Studies

    Established in 1958 in Sheki the Museum of History and Regional Studies is located in one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the ancient fortress of Sheki. The museum has rich exhibits related to the history of Sheki, flora and fauna, economic and cultural development of the region, folk crafts.

    Mirza Fatali Akhundov Str., Sheki City AZ5503.
  • The M.F. Akhundov House

    M.F. Akhundov, the founder of Azerbaijani drama, writer and thinker, was born in Sheki in 1812. In 1937 in the house where he spent his childhood, a museum was opened that keeps the personal belongings of the great thinker, of his mother, family, household items of that period. Next to M.F. Akhundov’s house there is a spacious showroom, where you can get acquainted with the works of the writer.

    Mirza Fatali Akhundov Str., Sheki City AZ5503.



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