• History and Regional Studies Museum

    About 3,000 artifacts are kept in Gusar Historical Museum, founded in 1982. Among them there are pottery, tools and jewelry dated to the Early Iron, Early and Late Bronze Ages, ancient period, and the Middle Ages. Weapons and copper utensils of the Middle Ages are presented there as well. 

    5 Fizuli Str., Gusar City AZ3800.
  • M.Lermontov House Museum

    For his antimonarchist speeches and love of freedom, M. Lermontov was exiled to theCaucasus, and he lived in Gusar in 1825-26. Here he wrote "The Captive of theCaucasus" and "Ashig Garib: Turk Fairy Tale." In Gusar, Lermontov stayed with his friend, a military doctor, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Alexandrovich Marshev. In memory of Mikhail Lermontov’s visit, a museum was established in Marshev’s house.

    Gusar City AZ3800.



5 January Pressure: 767 mm 6 January 765 mm

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