• Jafar Jabbarli House Museum

    In 1982 a memorial museum was opened in the house where a talented Azerbaijani poet, theater critic, translator, novelist, and screenwriter, Jafar Jabbarli lived and worked. The museum houses his personal belongings, important documents, manuscripts, publications of his works, paintings, photographs, and portraits.

    Gizilgazma, Khizi District
  • Mikayil Mushfig House Museum

    Azerbaijani poet Mikayil Mushfig lived only 30 years because he became a victim of Stalin’s repressions in 1938. During his short life he penned numerous poems, which lead him to be called one of the best Azerbaijani lyricists of the last century. The poet used folklore and folk motifs in his poems. There is a symbolic tombstone and a bust of the poet in front of the house. 

    Sayadlar Village, Khizi District.
  • Sheikh Heydar's grave

    The tomb of Sheikh Heydar, the father of Shah Ismayil Khatai, was built in the 15th century. In 1483 and 1487 Sheikh Heydar made two campaigns toDagestanand Shirvan, and that frightened all the rulers of the region. In 1488 there was a fierce fight between the troops of Shirvan Shah and Safavid army. Both sides suffered heavy losses, and Sheikh Heydar was killed in the battle.

    Alishirin (Shikhlar) Village, Khizi District.



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