• Flag Museum

    Since 2013, a unique Flag Museum has been open in Shamkir. It is designed in the shape of an eight-point star. The two-story glass covered building contains valuable exhibits that tell about the ancient and modern history of Azerbaijan. Displayed in the museum pavilions there are restored flags that belonged to the states and khanates that existed on the Azerbaijan territory at different periods of time; flag finials, emblems, books, etc. are also found here. Free admission.

    1 Heydar Aliyev Ave., Shamkir City.
  • Museum of History and Regional Studies

    The museum contains about 5,830 exhibits reflecting the nature, material and spiritual culture, and the history of Shamkir region. A small stone lamp, which is the oldest of the exhibits, is dated back to the Neolithic period 7,000-5,000 BC. Here you can also see ceramic and copper utensils, pots, accessories, weapons, embroidery, relics, coins, banknotes, ancient musical instruments, and more. Free admission.

    18 Sabir Str., Shamkir City.
    (+994 2230) 5-85-34
    (+994 50) 741-71-23



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