• Ganja State Drama Theatre

    The historic building, where the Ganja Drama Theatre is located, was built in the 80s of the XIX century by the German owner Christopher Forer. There is a youth theatre studio under the Drama Theatre. More than once the theatre has successfully participated in local and international theatre festivals.

    54 A.Abbaszade Str., Ganja City.
    (+994 22) 256-58-88
    (+994 22) 256-51-88
  • Lutheran Church Building (now Ganja State Puppet Theatre)

    Another Christian church which existed in Ganja, was a Lutheran church, built in 1885 by the Germans. Volcanic stone was used mainly in the construction of the church. The building has a hall, a lobby and 15 rooms. In 1915, when the Germans began to leave Ganja, the building was handed over to the Orthodox Church. Currently, the Ganja State Puppet Theatre is located there.

    Akhmad Jamil Str., Ganja City.



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