Azerbaijan - a country with a unique topography and climate. Everyone who come here, can find the right place and the type of holiday. Mountaineering is very common in the country, as Azerbaijan is a mountainous country. Mountains cover about 60% of the country.

Mountains of Great and Minor Caucasus cover Azerbaijan with semicircle from the north to the south-east. They are to some extent protect the country from the cold winds and make the country's climate warmer. The height of mountain ranges in the Great Caucasus exceeds 4000 meters above sea level.

So here are often visited by people who can not imagine their life without climbing and climbing to mountaintops. There are all conditions for them in Azerbaijan: recreation facility at the foot of mountain ranges is waiting climbers, transportation system is well established. Tourists are always guided by experienced instructors and guides.

In addition to mountain climbing, tourists who visited these places have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful nature of mountainous Azerbaijan, see the life, way of life and traditions of the local people and breath some clean mountain air.

There are a lot of mountain areas in Azerbaijan, where the development of mountain tourism is possible. In Soviet times there was mining and tourist station in Gusar region.

With the launch in Gusar Shakhdag ski tourist complex designed for 5000 seats with the appropriate infrastructure, also the development of another type of tourism - mountain skiing will start. At present this project is undergoing. The establishment of such complex will enable the development of not only ski tourism, but also mountainous tourism routes.

The initiator of construction of “Shahdag” winter complex and sports centre - the largest one in Europe and Asia was the Azerbaijani President  Ilham Aliyev, who has an excellent skiing skills.

Shahdag - the pearl of tourism industry in Azerbaijan. The uniqueness of it is that it will be the first complex in Europe, functioning throughout the year. Artificial snowing is considered there in less-snowy winter months, and in warmer months “Shahdag” will function as a hotel complex.

The best professionals from Europe, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are attracted to the construction of the complex.  The complex is able to receive daily 10 thousand tourists.

At the top of the mountain Shahdag, at 2,500 meters, there will be built a revolving restaurant which can be reached only by cableways. Complex “Shahdag” will receive its first guests in 2013. But this construction does not include only the complex: also sports centre is being built next to the complex. According to the authors of the project it will be completed in a year. After starting the complex there will be built bobsleigh and ski trails, ice skating, hockey pitch. And perhaps soon the world will know about Azerbaijani biathletes, figure skaters, skiers.

Furthermore, the complex offers great opportunities for trekking lovers, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking and climbing riding, paragliding and other extreme forms of tourism which provide the opportunity to get to the place where a car can not drive, and contemplate spectacular views from above bird flight.

It should be stated that Shahdag will not only modern winter-summer complex in Azerbaijan. Now another large-scale ski resort “Tufan” is under construction. This facility for year-round recreation is located 4 km far from Gabala city. It is planned to build 10 bands for the ski slopes with a total length of 18 km. Snow on the slopes will provide 223 installations of artificial snow in less-snowy winter months. Ski Centre will be able to serve three thousand people per day.



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